A resident's car - parked in the apartment parking area

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No resident should be subjected to this health hazard. 

Residents had to come down to the parking area and clean the bird poo off their vehicles before they can leave the estate. 

Residents have a reasonable expectation that when they purchase their apartments which includes a parking space for their vehicle, that such parking is fit for purpose.

If it's not fit for the purpose, then the Operator should take the necessary steps to remedy the situation. Any remedial work required should be at the Operator's cost.

Residents should not have to pay additional costs to enhance or improve the parking area, to ensure that it is fit for purpose. Residents simply want to park their vehicles without being subjected to such a health hazard.

Yet another example where the Operator is happy for residents to pay for a suitable roller door to stop the birds entering the apartment car parking areas, which then becomes his asset and he hasn't had to pay for the upgrade.

Camden Grove, a sister village, has a suitable roller door installed, but the Operator refuses to install a similar door to the apartment blocks in this estate.

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