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As soon as you drive into the estate, travel down Whaling Street and make the turn towards the clubhouse, it's hard to miss the start of the unfinished construction zones.

But that's only the start of it, for those residents that live on the periphy of the estate and head towards the end of the 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 and 700 streets, the view certainly doesn't get any better.

While the Operator has advertised cruise ship style facilities, perhaps he should walk round the village to see what other residents see as they make their way to their villas and apartments.

So lets call it for what it really is, disgraceful. For the residents in this village that have to drive past these views on a daily basis, must have them thinking, why did I commit to this village, to make it my last home.

To say nothing about the continual issue of water ingress to villas throughout the estate. You don't have travel down many streets to see yet another front yard dug up and undergoing repairs in an effort to stop water ingress to the bottom villas.

This estate has been a construction zone for 15 years, with no relief in sight. It is understood, that there are more villas planned for the end of the 200 through to 600-700 streets, with little or no communication to those residents that were assured that their villas were the last villas to be built on those streets. 

Management keeps telling us that as soon as they know whats happening with the construction of new villas, they will keep us informed. We've been able to get some plans from Campbelltown Council that shows additional villas are planned for those streets mentioned above. One would assume that mangement would know whats happening with the said construction of new villas, when you apply for the development application from council. 

So much for keeping us informed.



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